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This course will give us an introductory look at the world of quilting, or patchwork. Make a modern quilted pillow. Or a keepsake baby blanket. You'll be glad you did.




 Sewing with
  Knit Fabric 

Knit fabrics are great- they are comfortable, forgiving and quick to sew up. Not to mention really cute. In this course, we'll working with knit fabrics and using a serger, a sewing machine ideally used for stretch fabrics. We'll also be sewing knit projects with a regular sewing machine, so that you can continue working with them on your own. 




Slipper Chic

In this course, we'll be making slippers in cozy fabrics with fun trims. Participants can choose from a few styles and customize their creations with embroidery or monograms. All materials included.


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